Twitch Points system


HTML tutorial

HTML tutorial

What is the points system?

The points system rewards each user points based on their activity here at my stream.
For every 5 minutes you watch you are awarded 1 point.
Those points then can be redeemed for raffle tickets!
I feel this is a cool way to interact with my stream while
rewarding those who watch my stream the most.
Essentially the people who are here at my stream the most will rack up the
most points and in return be the ones who will be able to redeem more tickets
for their points thus giving them the best chances of winning the raffle!

How do I earn points?

5 Minutes of watching = 1 POINT
Following Channel = 10 POINTS
Betting: Make the correct bets and earn points! Careful a wrong bet and you lose them!
Contests: I sometimes do small contests that give away points as a prize.
Games: There are games like "Bank haist: !bankheist <points>" and "Arena: !joinarena <points>"
Note: Only when you are live and logged in!

What are points for?

Enters you in raffles.
You can place bets with your points!
Random Auctions, spend your points to bid on prizes! (e.g. "!bid 20" to bid 20 points)
Places you on the leaderboards. This helps determine the Top Viewers!


!bot : Displays information on the current bot version and website link
!points : Displays the current points a user holds (e.g. !karma if the stream currency is called karma)
!vip : Displays VIP info with rank and subscription expiry date (Only for VIPs)
!ticket x : Enters an open raffle with specified number of tickets (e.g. !ticket 4 to purchase 4 tickets)
!bid x : Enters a bid during an open auction (e.g. !bid 400 to bid 400 points)
!bets x y : When betting pools are open, it enters your bet of "x" points on option "y" (e.g. !bets 100 2).
!btag x : Enters the users btag into the global database (e.g. !btag XxDeePxX#6634 )
!raffle help : Command to show users status of current raffles
!betting help : Command to show users status of current betting pool
!bankheist x : Command to start a bank heist and gamble some of your points against the bot. Survive, and you will walk away rich!
!joinarena x : Command to join an arena and wager some of your points in a fight against other viewers. Survive, and you walk away richer!
!song : Command to show currently playing song (Only works if you are using the internal YouTube Player, iTunes or Spotify)
!songlist : Shows the full list of songs being played in the internal youtube music player.
!prevsong : Command to show last played song (Only works if you are using the internal YouTube Player)
!nextsong : Command to show next song to be played (Only works if you are using the internal YouTube Player)
!requestsong : Shows the current cost setup to request songs for different user classes.
!requestsong <youtubeID> : Requests songs to be added to the stream playlist. *Note: Currency cost may apply!*
!skipsong : Command to start a vote to skip the current song.
!skipsong x : Pay the veto cost and skip the song by yourself! *Note: Veto powers are expensive!
!cmdlist : Display active channel commands for the stream.

Admin commands:

!check user : Check the stream currency balance for a specified user (e.g. !check expertsonline)
!top x : Display x users with the highest amount of stream currency (x between 1 - 14)
!topranks x : Display x users with the highest stream ranks (x between 1 - 14)
!tophours x : Display x users with the highest hours watched (x between 1 - 14)
!add points users : Add a specified amount of points to user (e.g. !add 100 expertsonline , !add 5 all ) [MOD Level 2 Only]
!remove points users : Remove a specified amount of points from user (e.g. !remove 100 expertsonline ) [MOD Level 2 Only]
!updatetitle <title> : Updates the stream title. [MOD Level 2 Only]
!updategame <game> : Updates the stream game. [MOD Level 2 Only]
!volume : Check the current volume of the internal YouTube player
!volume x : Set the volume of the internal YouTube player (x between 1 and 99)
!startarena <mode> <amount> : Mode 1 is Kockout Arena where <amount> is the max wager, Mode 2 is Tournament Arena where <amount> is the entry cost into the tournament. (e.g. !startarena 1 100)
!traffle open <cost per ticket> <max tickets> : Open Ticket Raffle (e.g. !traffle open 1 10)
!traffle close : Close Ticket Raffle
!traffle draw : Draw Ticket Raffle
!kraffle open keyword : (e.g. !kraffle open !moist) Open Keyword Raffle
!kraffle close : Close Keyword Raffle
!kraffle draw : Draw Keyword Raffle
!auction open <min bid> <item> : (e.g. !auction open 10 100m) Open Auction
!auction close : Close Auction
!betting start maxbets housecut betting_on option1 option2 : (e.g. !betting start 100 0 This_is_a_test_bet yes no maybe )[Use _ for space in text] Start Betting
!betting close : Close betting
!betting cancel : Cancel bets
!betting winoption x : (where x is the option number that won. e.g. !betting winoption 2) Select winner
!delcmd <cmd> : (e.g. !delcmd !testcmd) Delete Channel Command
!addcmd <cmd> <message> : (e.g. !addcmd !testcmd this is a test message) Add Channel Command
!editcmd <cmd> <message> : (e.g. !editcmd !testcmd this is an edited test message) Edit Channel Command

Note: The bot supports access level commands. To restrict a command to a specific user class, beginning the message with %<level>, e.g. !modonly %8 this is a mod only message
Access levels are: 1. All Viewers, 2. All VIP, 3. All VIP + Mods, 4. VIP Silver + VIP Gold, 5. VIP Silver + VIP Gold + Mods, 6. VIP Gold, 7. VIP Gold + Mods, 8. Mod Only